Lambiyan Judaiyaan

I wish I could address this to you directly. Wish I could ink your name here on the pages but like everything between us, this is going to be nameless too.It's a Saturday. If it were the usual days, I would have been lying on my bed, thinking about how our Saturday went by and … Continue reading Lambiyan Judaiyaan


Shhhhhh, why are you so noisy today? Why don't you let me sleep?I have been trying to convince you to talk since long, but you've avoided me comfortably. But today, i can't keep quiet. Not anymore. You should talk to me.Not again, I've been trying to avoid this just because i don't want to make … Continue reading DIALOGUE


On the days when you want to talk to someone,But there's not a soul around,Where do you go?On the days you feel like giving up,And there's nothing that says "just another try", Where do you go?On the days when you smell every other flower in your little home garden,And on the days when you seem … Continue reading HOME